Monday, May 23, 2016

Successful bread!

I have figured out what I was doing wrong with my bread in the past. I was not proofing the yeast enough! I would mix it with water or whatever the recipe called for and let it sit for a second until I saw a few small bubbles, then mix it in! That's not right at all. It's necessary to wait until it gets super foamy to have it work correctly! I'm so pleased to have figured it out.
I even took some pictures:

This is after the dough had been separated and let to rise again. It rose some more after this was taken.

These are my beautiful and delicious loaves. I made them Sunday and now the smaller of the two is already gone. I woke up this morning to find that G had eaten half of the loaf after I went to bed! We finished it off at lunch. Super delicious recipe.
I used the Amish Bread recipe found on It makes two sweet and delicious loaves. Some of the commenters thought the bread was too dense, but I don't think so. It's a very good loaf of bread, imo. 

I also made some muffins:
They were not particularly successful. I took my favorite muffin recipe and altered it extensively to create a morning glory muffins, sadly, they are bland.

I also made some unsuccessful shoes for E. They are darling, but do not fit him correctly. I don't know if he just has fat feet, if I made them wrong or if the pattern is wrong somehow. I also made them more fraternal twins than identical, whoops! I sewed one with a much greater seam allowance than the other, but neither fit, so they have become cat toys.

So, to recap my week: I made some great bread! Nothing else that I experimented with went that well.

Projects that I would like to complete before 2017:
-make E some shoes!
-finish the quilt for E
-make a decent loaf of bread 5/22/2016
-complete the new garb for G
-complete a 12th century Norman kit for me
     -veil and wimple
-make some basic tablet woven fabric
-finish carding my fleece
-spin at least 1000 yards of yarn
-finish my cardigan

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